Strata Tables 1996 / 2016

Strata 1996-98 explores the concepts of layering and transparency with a digital sensibility. Inspired by the Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, the organic shapes suggest biological organisms in petri dishes and microscopic slides. The use of live-edge acrylic brings a luminous edge observed in biology and a synthetic sensibility to the piece. Overlayered acrylic creates a third colour and suggests depth with different visual arrangements and permutations of acrylic types (matt, clear, translucent and live-edge). The cut form was flipped horizontally and vertically to simplify the manufacturing process as a single piece creating optical illusion. The design lead to innumerable one-offs either as permanent cladding systems, murals, screens, partitions or one-off furniture pieces. The 2016 edition below uses a tubular ss frame for greater transparency and weightlessness.